Sandy Pet Nannies helps pets, people still facing storm's aftermath

Hundreds of miles separate the lakefront shorelline of Burlington, VT and the storm-battered oceanfronts of New Jersey and New York City.

But leave it to a kind-hearted Vermonter to start a group up north to help Hurricane Sandy victims - people and pets.

it's easy for the rest of the world to think that the storm debris has been cleared and people's lives are back to normal. One need only look to mega-storms like Hurricane Katrina to know that rebuilding - whether it's your house or your life or both - is a long, long process.

Animal rescue stories, you may think, are over too as the last dogs in New York area shelters made their way back home or to new homes earlier this year. But reclaiming one's life can take a while and having a pet in the mix can mean unwanted stress on them too.. Rebuilding means construction noise and dust. Relocating means you might  be turned away by rental property managers because of your pet,. Even family tensions can weigh on a cat or dog..

It was with that ongoing struggle in mind that Joan Shannon, an animal lover in Burlington decided to form Sandy Pet Nannies to help pitch in for pet owners whose lives are still topsy-turvy after the storm.

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