Rush Limbaugh: HSUS's newest pitchman

Rush Limbaugh, pitchman for the Humane Society of the United States?

Indeed. America's top radio personality has cut two public service announcements on behalf of the animal welfare group. The first praises the society's work busting dog fighting rings and the other highlights the group's efforts to reach out to communities of faith and call attention to the moral obligation to protect God's creatures.

Less than a year ago Limbaugh was assailing Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden as leftist liberals for the HSUS endorsements they received in the U.S. Senate. Now the HSUS logo and audio announcements are featured on the front of his Web site.

What happened in the interim to sway Rush?

Here's one idea from an outraged Rush fan on the Web site, Buckeye Firearms Association. He suggests the only reason Limbaugh would be plugging "the radical animal rights group" was if his beloved cat, Punkin, had been taken hostage by HSUS president Wayne Pacelle.

Reached by email today, Pacelle said he did not in fact kidnap Punkin, but he added, "I'd be happy to cat sit."