Romney 'Crate Gate' now the subject of Move On ad

That now infamous Romney family vacation back in 1983 is still, well, dogging, the candidate.

This time the Seamus-rides-on-top trip is the subject of a sly campaign ad by the Democratic political action group It features a Mitt Romney lookalike and a sound track of the candidate himself.

What I can't shake is the fact, not only did the family throw poor Seamus up on the roof rack in a crate for a 12-hour trip, but that they dumped him later in his life. Despite interviews where the former Massachusetts governor said he and his family loved their dog, Seamus ended up living with Romney's sister in California for reasons unknown.

Meanwhile, we can't help but think about Ann Romney's very pricey dressage horses. A champion equestrian, Ann Romney's horses have been reported valued at $250,000.

Something tells me they don't ride to horse shows in the confines of beat up stock trailer.