'Rockstar' piglet finds new forever home at Farm Sanctuary

Tucked in my email box, dying to get out was the story of little Kim Gordon, the "rockstar" piglet who fell off a transport truck in South Dakota and was saved by a musician and his girlfriend.

Lanore Hahn says she was on tour with her boyfriend and driving down a back road in Mitchell, SD, when they saw a little piglet running frantically around the street. Seeing no farms nearby they corralled the 12-pound piglet and put her in their car. They called animal control who told them given the piglet's sunburn and severe scrapes she had likely fallen off a truck. He advised them to turn over the animal, adding that it would be summarily shot.

Not happening, Hahn thought.

So they scooted out of town and took the piglet back to their home in Wisconsin. Knowing they couldn't keep her forever, they turned to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY for help.

Farm Sanctuary picked up the piglet, now known as Kim Gordon, in late July and treated her for skin conditions and pneumonia. Staff members there say she has made vast improvements and displays her winning personality at every opportunity. The group is now seeking an "adoptive family" - or sponsor - to help support little Kim and her lifelong care at the sanctuary.