Rescue thanks AG with billboard for 'flattening' puppy broker


The scenery along the Pennsylvania Turnpike certainly hasn't been dull since Main Line Rescue's Bill Smith got into the billboard game four years ago.

Whether targeting puppy mills or the state Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement, or praising the work of the Pennsylvania SPCA, Smith has kept motorists informed and entertained with a changing array of billboards.

Smith's latest billboard recognizes Attorney General Tom Corbett for throwing the, well, house, at puppy broker Joyce Stoltzfus of CC Pets, using the iconic image of the wicked witch of the West from "The Wizard of Oz."

Corbett sought to shut down the kennel formerly known as "Puppy Love," for violating terms of a 2005 agreement that required Stoltzfus, and her husband Raymond, to identify her kennel in classified ads.

In April, a Commonwealth Court judge ordered the Stoltzfuses to pay a $166,000 for repeatedly violating the agreement. They also were forbidden from selling dogs for six months. 

The Stoltzfuses paid the fine and under the terms set by the judge may reopen in October. Tomorrow they head back to court, this time in New Jersey, to face a consumer fraud suit.