Rendell on Vick deal, 'he's paid for his horrific acts'

Gov. Rendell -  Eagles post-game commentator and champion of animal welfare in Pennsylvania - offered his reaction today to the Michael Vick deal. Rendell, who fought for passage of the new state dog law last year to improve conditions in commercial breeding kennels or puppy mills,  said Vick has paid his dues and he offered to help him meet his goal to be an advocate for dogs.

Here's what Rendell said today:

"I believe that I don't have to take a back seat to anyone in my commitment to helping protect all animals, and specifically our dogs and puppies. I am enormously proud of the progress we have made through the enactment of our new dog law and stepped-up enforcement efforts.


“I also believe strongly in the tenets of rehabilitation and redemption. I believe Michael Vick has paid a strong and just penalty for his horrific acts, but he has endured that penalty with dignity and grace. He seems to be genuinely remorseful for what he has done.


“Michael Vick’s work with the Humane Society has been a positive step and I believe he will continue to be an advocate for protecting our canine friends. His experience will add extra weight to that message, and I look forward to working with him toward achieving that goal."