Pro-pigeon activists take their protest to Jersey Shore

Animal rights activists have taken their campaign to end pigeon shooting in Pennsylvania to the New Jersey Shore.

About 20 members of SHARK (Saving Animals with Kindness) and local residents - held a protest rally at a municipal building in Long Beach Township over an incident at Philadelphia Gun Club in Bensalem in February.

The group says township attorney and gun club member Richard Shackleton shouted obscenties at two women videotaping a pigeon shoot and owes them an apology.

Shackleton admitted hurling vulgarities at the women, but said they didn't deserve an apology.

When asked at an April 9 meeting if he would apologize, Shackleton said that he was "happy to say that, what I said, I meant every word of it."

When asked if he would reconsider his statement toward the women, Shackleton said, "Absolutely not."

TV game show legend Bob Barker donated $1 million to SHARK to help win the passage of legislation banning pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. In a pigeon shoot, birds are stuffed in small, spring-loaded boxes and catapulted into the air to be shot and killed, or more often wounded, by hunters. Many pigeons do not die immediately but succumb later to their wounds. Those that fall in the shooting ring have their necks broken. Pigeons that land outside the property can suffer for days before dying, rescuers say.

The Philadelphia Gun Club, in Bucks County, is one of only three known gun clubs in the state that still hold pigeon shoots. The others are in Dauphin and Berks counties. 

To see videos of pigeon shoots visit SHARK's website at