Ohmidog's top 10 presidential puppy names

The Obamas no doubt considered lots of names before picking "Bo" for their new Portuguese Water Dog. Blogger John Woestendiek of ohmidog worked up his own list of recommendations last week. It was unknown if any of John's suggestions were in the running, but before the presidential puppy phenomenon fades from the headlines here they are:

1. Ah-choo (or Gesundheit )– in honor of all the sneezing that, since the dog is allegedly hypo-allergenic, won’t be going on

2. Vasco – in honor of Vasco Bensaude, the Portuguese shipping magnate who kept the breed from going extinct.

3. Nottadoodle – Just to get back at those pushy Labradoodle fans who insisted the First Family choose that hybrid.

4. Monica – As a reminder that, when you’re in the White House, things can go down(hill) really quickly.

5. McCain – In honor of his opponent in the presidential race.

6. Stimulus, or Stimuli – We could use all we can get.

7. Hope – Maybe a bit audacious, but a nice name.

8. Omar – In honor of the president’s favorite character on “The Wire,” a gay stickup artist who steals from drug pushers to give to the poor.

9. Intruder – Just to make the Secret Service jump up every time anyone calls the dog.

10. Fin - In honor of the far-too-drawn-out, much-too-commented-upon drama of what the First Dog would be finally being over.