Preservation groups duke it out in NYC bee brawl

It's no secret that animal welfare groups often do not play nice with one another.

Even when the species at stake isn't so warm and cuddly and there are 40,000 of them to rehome. But no.  

The New York Times has a delightful story today about battle over a bee hive exposed when a tree came crashing down in a Brooklyn park during Hurricane Irene.

Seems two groups devoted to preserving bees got stinging mad when both descended on the hollow limb in which the bees were living at the same time. A dispute quickly ensued over one would take possession of the hive.

Got a problem folks? Enter the NYPD's resident beekeeper - yes, the NYPD has a beekeeper - Anthony Planakis, aka Tony Bees of the NYPD, to sort things out.

Well, I'll let the Times reporter take the tale from there.