Police investigate man after Pike Co. dog found duct-taped

UPDATE: Police have charged Russell Seese of Greentown with two counts of animal cruelty on Tuesday in connection with this case, according to WNEP-TV. No other details were available.

A picture was sent to us of the pitbull that had its mouth taped shut and its legs bound together with duct tape.

It's a sad day indeed when there are so many pets found duct taped around this country every day that the incident reports are now "tagged" on blogs to be displayed in a search engine query, one after the other. (H/T Ohmidog)

In Philadelphia in 2009 we had the little duct-taped tortoise shell kitten. (Who survived thankfully.) In 2011 a duct-taped puppy found in Philadelphia was not so lucky.

Today we add a new entry to the running list. This one from northeastern Pennsylvania, where a young female dog was found with her legs and muzzle duct-taped in an outbuilding on a property.

Police are questioning a man in Greentown, Pike County but are continuing to look for information in the case, according to the News Eagle. The dog is under a veterinarian's care, the paper reported.