Philly dogfighting complaints up, NJ officer, husband charged with cruelty

It's a scramble every day for the 14 humane officers of the Pennsylania SPCA to keep up with the sheer volume of dogfighting complaints in Philadelphia.

My Inquirer colleague Troy Graham reports today that the PSPCA is logging 1,000 animal cruelty calls a month, an increasing number of them relate to dogfighting. Graham looks at the intersection of dog fighting, gun trafficking and drug dealing, the role of Michael Vick in raising awareness and the difficulties for prosecutors, who say state law may be tough, but judges often impose only light penalties on offenders.

In New Jersey, a police officer and her husband have been charged with cruelty in the death of a bomb sniffing dog. Agents with the New Jersey SPCA say Mt. Holly officer Kara McIntosh left the five-year-old Golden Retriever, Patton, in her Ford Explorer in mid-July for at least two hours and it died of heat stroke. McIntosh says she left the car running and the air on and that her husband Robert was supposed to pick up the vehicle and the dog.

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