Remains of skinned animal found in Philly lot

The Pennsylvania SPCA wants to know who skinned and mutilated an animal and dumped its bloody remains in a North Philadelphia lot.

Humane law enforcement officers responded to a call in Brewerytown Sunday and found the carcass of an unidentified animal whose skin, paws and ears had been "surgically" removed, PSPCA officials said.

The instruments used to mutilate the animal, along with the paws, were found in a blanket on the same lot at 30th St. and Jefferson.

Due to the extent of mutilation, officers are still trying to determine the species of the animal.

"This is an utmost heinous crime," said George Bengal, the PSPCA's director of humane law enforcement. "We are working hard to uncover the facts and locate the offender."

Derick Jones, a nearby resident, was walking his dog when she dashed off to follow the scent of something in the abandoned lot, according to WPVI Action News.

"She just wouldn't come when I was calling her. I was hoping it wasn't anything dead, but obviously it was," Jones told Action News.

In a trash bag was a bloody carcass.

"The animal appears to either have been shot, or stabbed in the left side. The animal was totally skinned from head to tail and the ears removed. The rear paws were bound and the paws were cut off," said Bengal.

Surveillance video shows a dark blue truck approaching the lot. The driver pulls out a trash bag and dumps the carcass in the lot and then returns a second time to dump other items.

Bengal said the video will likely help them find the perpetrator - as it did with the recent case of the stray cat set on fire - but it's often harder to determine why someone commits a crime like this.

"I have seen a lot of ritualistic sacrifices where the paws are removed, the head are removed on some of the animals and so forth, but they never skin the pads and totally skin the paws. That is totally strange," Bengal told WPVI.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call (267) 315-0237.