Phila. animal hoarders face cruelty charges

Two Philadelphia women who kept a total of almost 200 animals in separate row houses are now facing animal cruelty charges in what are among the city's worst hoarding cases in recent memory.

My Daily News colleague Gloria Campisi reports that the Pennsylvania SPCA expects to file cruelty charges against Olga Federov, of Olney. Officials seized 90 animals from her house on Tuesday, including dogs, cats, chinchillas and pigeons, and found dozens more dead animals in a freezer.

A South Philadelphia woman, not yet identified, will be charged in connection with keeping 85 Chihuahuas and Chihuahua-mix dogs in several feet of excrement at her home. Two cats and two dead dogs also were found there in a raid Wednesday.

Bill Smith, of Main Line Animal Rescue in Chester Springs, said today he took in 15 of the Chihuahuas, who were filthy and had various health problems including skin disease. Two were suffering from such bad dehydration that they had to be hospitalized, he said. 

"We haven't really seen some of them," he said. "They are so scared they just buried themselves in the blankets."

The woman  with the Chihuahuas, who said she was once a breeder, also is facing state dog law charges for exceeding the number of dogs allowed without a kennel license, among others, said an official with the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.