Pets head to the office for Take Your Dog to Work Day


Thousands of dogs (and I would bet a few cats) will be making the commute to the office Friday for the annual Take Your Dog To Work Day. From its inception 16 years ago, the event has grown and so have the number of companies welcoming pets into their work spaces all over the country.

Here at the Pennsylvania State Capitol only three kinds of dogs get past the big bronze doors: service dogs, bomb sniffers and Very Important Pets (those belonging to governors and their lieutenants.)

So Olivia will be stuck at home with the cats tomorrow but we wish everyone a fun-filled day.

Some of the biggest companies in the world - like Proctor & Gamble, Google and Purina (of course) recognize the benefits of pets in the workplace yearround.

But for those just trying out the idea of having their best friend camping out at the cubicle, Petplan pet insurance company has a few tips (and a pledge) to make things go smoothly:

Trash Can Trouble – Breakfast sandwich wrappers, used tissues, broken binder clips – what self-respecting dog can pass up these tasty treats? Spare your furry officemates a trip to the vet by investing in trash cans with pet-proof lids. Otherwise, just remember to keep the garbage baskets off the floor and out of paws reach when furry co-workers come visiting. 

Pee-Free – Let’s face it, most dogs have accidents, especially if they’re a little nervous in a new environment. That’s why Petplan keeps a pet stain removal kit on paw at all times.

 New Leash on Life -Just like people, not all dogs love sharing their workspace. But they might not be as gracious about it as your human coworkers. To discourage wandering, barking and other behavior that could disrupt the work day, all Petplan dogs stay on leashes while in the office. This way the dogs are always within reach so pet parents can address behavior issues quickly and prevent any unwanted interaction.

A Wheel Nightmare: “Rolling office chairs can be a real problem,” says Dr. Jules Benson, Chief Veterinary Medical Officer at Petplan. “Tails and paws are often easily run over if people aren’t extra careful. If pets are in the office, get in the habit of looking around your chair before rolling away from your desk.”

Don’t Share Your Lunch: Benson also recommends keeping human food away from dogs to prevent accidental ingestion of onions, avocados, grapes and other dangerous foods, adding, “If you have ‘human’ treats in the office like we do, be extra careful about pets getting access to chocolate, which can be very toxic.”

Watch the Door: Finally, it’s a good idea to have someone stand guard at the office door so that pups and kits can’t dash when the door opens. Benson says, “Our office policy is that all pets must have a collar ID and be microchipped, just in case there’s an escape.”

And what about our feline friends stuck at home? No way, says Parade Daily's Dr. Jane Brunt who considers the Ten Ways Cats Celebrate when the dog is gone.