Pet insurance, is it right for you and your companion?



To insure or not, a question many pet owners face when considering the health care needs of their companions. Just like human health insurance plans, pet insurance plans come with a range of costs and coverages. Some only cover catastrophic illnesses or accidents others cover preventative care, even flea and tick treatment.

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg today examines the issues pet owners should consider before buying a policy and found one couple with a surgery-prone pit bull whose policy has paid off many times over.

Elsewhere on the Web, the ASPCA offers answers to an array of questions about pet insurance on its Web site. The ASPCA also offers a pet insurance plan with four levels of coverage, while the Humane Society of the United States has partnered with pet insurance provider Petplan USA, which has its headquarters in Philadelphia.

Has pet insurance helped save your pet or your bank account? Or did you it too costly or find your claim or pet's condition was rejected? We welcome your stories about pet insurance on our comment page.

Here are the top 10 claims for dogs in 2005, as reported by Veterinary Pet Insurance to the American Veterinary Medical Association:
• Skin allergies
• Ear infections
• Stomach upsets
• Bladder infections
• Benign tumors
• Arthritis
• Sprains
• Eye infections
• Enteritis
• Hypothyroidism

The top ten claims for cats in 2005
• Urinary tract infection
• Stomach upset
• Kidney disease
• Skin allergies
• Respiratory infection
• Diabetes
• Ear infection
• Colitis
• Eye infection
• Wound infection