Pet-to-people disease transmission, symptoms and treatment

Roundworm, ringworm, salmonella and Lyme Disease - just some of the 100 unpleasant infections you can pick up from your pet.

We dislike those hysterical reports that have people packing up their pets for the pound, like toxoplasmosis and pregnant women. Yes, cats can transmit the infection and yes, pregnant women are more susceptible, but the conditions have to be just right to trigger it. Simple precautions, like wearing gloves or simply washing your hands thoroughly, can prevent transmission.

And you have nothing to fear if your cat is non-hunting and stays inside (which is safer for them anyway.)

Consumer Reports offers some advice about how to recognize, treat and prevent several of the most common diseases.

Plus the Consumer Reports article offers an interesting tip for checking to see if that was just plain dirt on your dog's belly or flea dirt.