Peregrine falcons return to Harrisburg love nest

There may be partisan friction inside the state Capitol, but two blocks away love is in the air high atop another state building.

It's Peregrine falcon mating season again in Harrisburg. For the 11th year, falcon watchers report we have a mating pair settling in at the ledge. After nearly being wiped out by the pesticide DDT in the 1970s, the raptors rebounded and are reliably nesting atop tall buildings and bridges throughout the east, including sites in Philadelphia.

The truly delicious element to the Harrisburg falcon story is that they chose the Rachel Carson DEP building - named for Pennsylvania's native daughter, a biologist whose groundbreaking work "Silent Spring" led to the banning of the DDT. 

The first eggs are expected within the next two weeks. You can watch all the action - including the banding of the chicks down the road - unfold on Falconcam. (Trust me, it's addictive.) And you can follow the developments for the first time via Twitter too.