Packed in suitcase, cat survives plane ride to Disneyworld

Anyone who owns a cat knows that suitcases are like catnip to felines. They love to curl up and snuggle in their owners' freshly-packed and hair free clothes.

But that still didn't temper the surprise of an Ohio woman when she saw her cat Bob-bob pop out of her suitcase when she arrived at Disneyworld for her vacation.

On Monday, Bob-bob tucked himself into Ethel Maze’s suitcase, made it through screening at Port Columbus International Airport and was loaded on her flight to Orlando.

The Orlando Sentinel (see video here) reports her black cat emerged when Maze unzipped her bag after checking into her hotel that night.

Maze, of Circleville, Ohio, says her 14-month-old cat was shaken but still purring.

Moral of the story: Cat owners, check your bags before zipping them up