Pack up the leash and the kibble Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day



Remember to put some kibble in that lunch box tomorrow, it's annual Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Created by Pet Sitters International in 1999, TYDTWD celebrates man and woman's best friend and encourages adoption from rescues and shelters. (Check out Purina's site for tips on workplace etiquette and how to talk your boss into going along with the concept.)

Of course, in some workplaces, like the Humane Society of the United States every day is Take Your Dog (or cat or other furry critter) to Work Day.

On Capitol Hill in Washington, pets have been part of the passing parade in the halls of Congress for several years as I mentioned in this blog space three years ago.

I'd love to take my new family member, Olivia, a Jack Russell terrier mix, to work in the Pennsylvania Capitol, but that likely wouldn't fly with Capitol authorities.

Not to say we've never heard the pitter-patter of canine feet on the famous Moravian tile floors here (with their marvelous depictions of state fauna and flora by the way).

The late lieutenant Catherine Baker Knoll was known to bring her dog Boomer to her office in the Main Capitol and Gov. Rendell brought his rescued Golden Retrievers Maggie and Ginger to animal-related events and bil signings.

We have yet to see Gov. Corbett's two Airedales, Harry and Penny, around the Capitol. We do get regular visits from the bomb sniffing dogs who make their rounds through the building. Usually they are all business. But every now and again we spot a handler playing fetch with his partner on the Capitol terrace.

(The good folks at Petsbest Insurance provided us with the LOL photo up top.).