Pa. kennel owner now charged with dog napping

The northeastern Pennsylvania Labrador Retriever breeder who left behind 101 dogs when she was thrown in jail last week was sent there for buying dogs with bad checks and lying to their owners.

Police say Pat Gadaleta, whose kennel Musket Labradors in Lehighton produced national AKC champions, was running a transcontinental theft ring, posing as a private owner to buy a former breeding dog in Michigan, Oregon and California. Gadaleta used an alias to purchase dogs restricted from breeding, but then put them in her commercial dog breeding kennel and used them as breeding stock, the Times News of Lehighton reports.

The identity of the dogs involved in the theft case was confirmed through micro-chips and at least one was relinquished - along with 49 others - to the Pennsylvania SPCA where they will be treated for any medical conditions and put up for adoption.  Another 37 dogs were sent to rescues yesterday, the newspaper reported.

Meanwhile, the remaining dogs will be cared for on site until their identities and ownership is confirmed, Carbon County authorities said.

A lesson here for any honest person considering buying, selling or adopting a dog on the Internet - the country's two largest humane organizations urge you not to. For those reputable breeders who want to sell retired dogs to private owners who will no longer breed them: Vet that person thoroughly.

For consumers, the breeder with the slick website may not be who he or she says she is. Those cute pictures of the puppies in the baskets may be random stock photos or taken inside the house while the kennel is a complete pigsty. So do your homework, use the Internet to find records of breeders penalized or barred from American Kennel Club through its website or to check animal cruelty reports go to