PSPCA removes 92 dogs from Stroudsburg home

The Pennsylvania SPCA removed 92 dogs suffering from parasites, matted fur and severe flea infestation from a home in Stroudsburg earlier this month.

On Aug.12, officers executed a search warrant at a home on the 7400 block of Terrace Drive in Stroudsburg and found 92 dogs of various small breeds were removed from the property and brought to PSPCA headquarters for medical evaluation, the organization said in response to a reporter's query.

All the dogs were signed over to the PSPCA and have either been adopted, placed with rescue groups or are in foster care. The PSPCA said it was a hoarding case, not a puppy mill, and did not identify the property owner who is facing cruelty charges.

Bill Smith, of Main Line Animal Rescue, said at least one of the 12 dogs he took in had an upper respiratory infection. PSPCA spokeswoman Liz Williamson said the animals did not arrive sick, but that it is not uncommon for animals to develop upper respiratory infections following a stressful event, such as being transported to the shelter and receiving medical exams.

The majority of the dogs were transferred out of the shelter very rapidly - within 48 to 72 hours of being brought in. Most of the dogs have been in foster care or with rescues for a much longer period of time than they were at the shelter, she said. 

Why did it take two weeks for word to get out about such a large raid? Williamson said the PSPCA does not "inform the media about every search warrant that is executed."

The PSPCA closed its shelter in Monroe County (where Stroudsburg is located) in 2009. The PSPCA still has an officer assigned to the area and others are sworn-in and therefore have authority to prosecute cruelty cases there, Williamson said.