PSPCA offers deals at summer block party adoption event


Summer is always the busiest and slowest time for shelters.

Busy because shelters take in a higher number of strays - especially kittens - and slow because potential adopters are on vacation.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is hoping to draw in a few good families (or singles) tomorrow.

The shelter is waiving adoption fees on most animals and delivering low cost vaccines this Saturday at the 2nd Annual Peace & Love Summer Block Party!

"The event is a way to highlight all of the services available to the public at the Pennsylvania SPCA while finding new homes for the wonderful pets in our shelter," said Wendy Marano, spokesperson for the PSPCA.

Vaccines will be half off the regular price and surgeries scheduled that day will be discounted 25 percent.

There also will be a food tent with hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks and drinks for sale and free water ice (while supplies last). Youngsters can enjoy face painting and coloring activities.

Save a life, check out the block party at the PSPCA at 350 E. Erie Ave.