Pitbull found frozen outside abandoned Philly house

It seems obvious: If it's freezing cold bring your pet inside.

In a tragic case in Philadelphia this weekend though it appears the owners just simply left the house along with a dead dog found frozen on the street. Two other dogs left inside were found alive.

PSPCA recovered a frozen pit bull in Kensington on Sunday night, then rescued two dogs from an abandoned house, the Daily News reports.

"To go away and leave your dog out there, that's horrendous," George Bengal, PSPCA's director of law enforcement, said of the young pit bull that froze to death outside on Water Street near Clearfield.

Humane officers executed a warrant on the same block, forcing their way into a rowhouse where a pit bull and Chihuahua mix had been abandoned. 

Roughly six  states and another 30 or so municipalities have laws banning round-the-clock chaining that leads to deaths like this one.

In Pennsylvania chained dogs must have shelter but the definition of "shelter" is vague to say the least.

Here in my central Pennsylvania county, an old airline crate and crude three-sided box that served as "shelters" for an elderly dog I drove past on a regular basis were deemed acceptable.

Only after community members raised the issue and the humane officer paid a visit did the dog's owner travel a hundred or so feet to get some old hay from the barn for bedding.

One day the old hound was gone and there was a new young dog in the yard straining at the end of a chain.