PETA offers PA school district cash for anti-dissection promos

UPDATE: Kutztown rejected PETA's offer, saying it thought it inappropriate to subject children to such advertising. The Reading Eagle has more. The idea of splashing ads across students lockers may be controversial but it's nothing new. A school district pulled in $200k from the Mall of America aquarium ad campaign last year.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has a deal it thinks a Berks County school district can't refuse: Cash for promo placement on student lockers.

PETA, the national animal rights group known best for its attention-grabbing anti-fur campaigns, is asking the Kutztown School District to allow it to post ads promoting alternatives to animal dissection on student lockers.

If the superintendent gives the go-ahead it would be the first school district in the nation to do so, reports the Reading Eagle.

A PETA spokewoman said the Kutztown district was selected after PETA learned about its budget woes through an internet search. The group said the amount would be determined by how many schools run the ads and for how long.

The ads would feature a picture of an attractive rat with the slogan "Stop School Violence. Do your homework - Choose Not to Dissect," PETA said.

Many medical research facilities and colleges still use animals for testing and research. But the PETA offer comes as some research facilities and veterinary medical training programs begin to phase out the use of live animals in research.

Pennsylvania law allows students to opt out of dissection.

As icing on the deal, PETA said it would throw in software that allows students to perform virtual dissections on the computer.