PA dog breeder faces 106 counts of animal cruelty/dog law violations

UPDATE:  Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Thomas Blair confirmed today that Sullivan County dog breeder Laura Antretter faces 76 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty connected to the dead and suffering dogs found at Autumnbriar kennel during two raids earlier this year. 

"It was one for every dog," said Blair. She also faces 30 counts of dog law violations related to operating an unlicensed kennel (Antretter's kennel license had been revoked) and the squalid conditions found in the kennel for a total of 106 counts.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement says Antretter was found guilty this week of two, not three, charges connected to kennel conditions from an earlier inspection.

A Sullivan County dog breeder who fled after authorities discovered the bodies of dead puppies and other animals and live animals housed in feces-filled crates is now facing 106 counts of animal cruelty and dog law violations.

Laura Antretter, also known as Lauren Wolfe, turned herself in on March 14 and spent four days in Wyoming County jail after failing to post $10,000 bail, according to court records. Antretter bred Jack Russells, as well as exotic Lurcher and Atlas hounds and was well known in terrier and hound breeding forums on the Internet.

Here are the conditions dog wardens and humane officers found when they executed a search warrant at Autumnbriar Kennel on Feb. 12, according to court documents obtained by The Rocket Courier of Wyalusing:

"Fecal matter and urine covered the floors on every level of the residence. Six dead dogs were found in the basement area along with a dead cat. The dogs were all in their crates, and the floor of the basement was completely covered in excreta.

"Surviving animals at the residence/kennel did not have food and water. The coats of the animals were covered with fecal matter and wet with urine and the dogs were so emaciated, the affidavit further states, that the skeletal structure was “easily observed, to include the ribs and hips.”

"There was a pigpen in the garage containing approximately two feet of dried fecal matter and a dead pig. The pig’s internal organs were missing or pulled apart.

"Twenty-seven living dogs were removed from the property on Feb. 12. The next day a second search warrant was executed at the property and more dead animals were removed, including eight dead Jack Russell Terriers, one dead goat, five dead Lurcher puppies, a dead adult Lurcher female dog and six dead hamsters.

Antretter, 43 of Dushore, was found guilty today of three dog law charges filed before the raid, including refusing an inspection and failure to keep the kennel in sanitary and humane condition. A hearing has not yet been scheduled on the 98 counts from the raid, which include 66 counts of animal cruelty and multiple counts of operating an unlicensed kennel, failure to keep a kennel in sanitary and humane condition.

Antretter's kennel license was revoked last July and her appeal was denied by the Department of Agriculture. Under Pennsylvania law she was able to keep 25 dogs without a license.