PA man charged with shooting dog in head

A Stroudsburg man is being charged with cruelty for shooting his dog in the head.

It's not because he killed her, but because he didn't.

The Pennsylvania SPCA charged Kevin Brennan, 47, with first degree misdemeanor animal cruelty on Thursday for shooting his dog in the head.

 PSCPA officer Elizabeth Anderson responded to a report by a local veterinary hospital on November 25, 2012 that Brennan had brought his adult female pitbull terrier "Ramona" into the hospital.

He told the veterinary staff he had shot her at close range with his 38 caliber handgun.

The bullet had entered the top of Ramona's skull and exited on the right side of her face, leaving fragments inside the wound tract. After Brennan shot Ramona, she was still bright and alert, so he brought her to the hospital, where he opted to have her put down.

The PSPCA filed charges after an investigation. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 3.

"No dog should have to go through what Ramona did. It was a horrible death," said Anderson.

It is legal in Pennsylvania to destroy your dog by shooting them as long as it is done "humanely" - that is, the shot is "clean" and the animal is killed immediately.

Brennan, in essence, crossed the cruelty line by wounding Ramona. Under Pennsylvania law a shooting rises to the level of abuse when it is done in a "willful and malicious." manner, said PSPCA spokeswoman Sarah Eremus.