More on Vick, the duct-taped cat and a Chester County shelter turns 100

Michael Vick returned to the gridiron for his first regular season NFL game in almost two years today and the New York Times delivers its opinion in an editorial on the still-swirling controversy off the field, the rising number of dog fighting in Philadelphia and what the newspaper called Vick's unconvincing rehabilitation effort.

Meanwhile, anyone following the case of Sticky the duct-taped cat will be pleased to learn that the Pennsylvania SPCA has arrested a 19-year-old for wrapping the little tabby from head to paws and dumping her in a yard, according to local news reports. More details are expected to be released in the morning.

Investigators said they had never seen a case where an animal was completely encased in tape that they could not walk. PSPCA staff members were able to remove the tape and Sticky is doing well. She is not yet ready to be adopted, but the PSPCA is taking names of those interested in giving her a permanent - safe - home.

On a happier note, Francisvale, Chester County's hidden gem of an animal shelter turns 100 this year. Read the fascinating story behind the founding of the shelter and profiles of its dedicated staff and volunteers, by my colleague Art Carey here.