Octomom speaks out against...overpopulation?

Ok. So it's a lot like Bristol Palin taking on the role of the nation's abstinence promoter (with baby in tow?). But now Nadya Suleman - known to the world "octomom" - is the celebrity face of PETA's spay/neuter campaign.

The California mother of 14, including octuplets, emerged this week wearing a "Fight Breedism" T-shirt and announcing her new role as a spokeswoman for the national animal rights group.

PETA is paying Suleman $5,000 and all the veggie dogs and burgers she and her 14 kids can eat for one month. In return Suleman is stringing a banner on her house that reads: "Don’t let your dog or cat become an ’Octomom’ — Always Spay or Neuter."

PETA had been wooing octomom for several months, around the time Suleman was being foreclosed on and said she needed cash, but they finally made the deal official on Wednesday.

"All my children have a loving home, but the sad fact is that 8 million dogs and cats end up in animal shelters each year, half of which are euthanized," Suleman said, according to the Orange County Register. "You can help solve the animal overpopulation crisis by saying no to octo-cats and octo-dogs. Always spay and neuter." 

There were apparenlty talks about Suleman posing nude, covered by just an octopus, but apparently there was dispute with a sea life rights group. (That last part - about the sea life rights group - was a figment of Philly Dawg's imagination).