Obama first 100 (dog) days (no offense Bo)

While President Obama was gearing up for the town hall meeting in St. Louis to mark his first 100 days in office, the PBS show, the Newshour with Jim Lehrer held a panel discussion in the same city  - which aired last night - to give their critiques of his presidential performance so far.

When asked what he should have done differently, one panelist said Obama sent too much money to Wall Street. Another panelist said he didn't pump enough funding into community grants and a third said he needed to craft an exit strategy for getting the government out of its leading role in solving the economic crisis. 

A fourth panelist, community activist Chris Krehmeyer, said what many animal welfare activists have been thinking since the Obama family decided against adopting a dog and picked out a Portuguese Water Dog puppy from a Texas breeder instead.

"I'd get a different dog," Krehmeyer said to applause. "What kind of dog was that? I'd go to the pound and pick out a mutt."