Obama family welcomes Sunny to White House

UPDATE: President Obama made a donation to the Washington Humane Society in Sunny's name. Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the States, blogs today that he hopes the newest addition to the First Family will help shine a light efforts to help combat animal cruelty, particularly in large scale breeding operations.


Bo has a baby sister and we didn't even get a birth announcement!

Sunny, a one-year-old Portuguese Water Dog, arrived at the White House yesterday. 

The White House blog reports she was named for her bright, energetic personality. She was born in Michigan in June 2012. 

There was no mention of whether she came from a breeder or a shelter or whether she was adopted, bought or given to the Obamas as a gift - all key questions for animal lovers who support rescue pets.

Bo, the Obama's first dog, is now six. He was a gift from the late Sen. Edward Kennedy and was raised by a Texas breeder of Portuguese Water Dogs, which is known as a non-shedding breed.

The Obamas said at the time they would have preferred a shelter dog but needed a specific non-shedding breed because of Malia Obama's allergies.

(Rescue animal advocates would jump in here and say there are plenty of non or light shedding-breeds on PetFinder.)

Bo has been a fixture at many White House events and joined First Lady Michelle Obama on official duties at visiting patients at Walter Reed and Children's National Medical Center.

Poor Bo even got caught up in a mini White House scandal recently after it was reported he was airlifted in his own military aircraft to the Obama's Martha's Vineyard vacation home.

Remember in 2008 when Vice President Biden felt the wrath of animals lovers from coast to coast for buying a German Shepherd puppy from Jolindys Shepherds, a puppy mill in Chester County?

He later promised to adopt a rescue dog to keep his puppy,, Champ, company in the Vice Presidential mansion. Last time we checked he had not yet done so.

Biden's breeder skedaddled to Maryland after her kennel license was revoked in 2010 by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement following repeated citations.