New natural disaster poses threats to Colorado pets


As dozens of Oklahoma City residents gathered today to remember their pets lost in the tornados last month, communities around Colorado Springs and elsewhere in Colorado are facing their own battle with mother nature: wildfires - the worst in state history - that have claimed the lives of two people and destroyed hundreds of homes.

Among the homes destroyed was the one owned by Theresa Strader, founder of National Mill Dog Rescue, which has rescued more than 7,000 puppy mill dogs since its founding five years ago.

She and her husband, Richard, and family animals escaped without harm. The shelter she runs fortunately is not on the property. So while the Straders are homeless pets of the Black Forest area have a sanctuary: at the Mill Dog Rescue.

The rescue, known as Lily's Haven, has taken in 40 animals belonging to property owners who have been evacuated. (More on that story here.)

Others are stepping up too, including the Humane Society of the Pike's Peak Region, which has taken in 200 animals and VCA Animal Hospitals, which is offering free boarding for pets of evacuees.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to raise money to help rebuild the Strader's home.



(Photo Sandra Rouse/National Mill Dog Rescue)