New chief takes reins at PA dog law office


When dog warden Kristen Donmoyer started in 2007, she was part of the first wave of new hired under Gov. Rendell's revamped Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement and faced daunting obstacles: She was asked to inspect kennels owned by some of the worst puppy mill operators in the state, individuals who had long skirted the law thanks to lax enforcement. 

The first time I saw her in action she was representing the Commonwealth in its case against Nathan Myer, operator of one of the state's biggest kennels  - with some 800 dogs on site. He arrived at district court with an attorney by his side. Donmoyer had only a degree in criminal justice but was acting as both law enforcement officer and prosecutor at the trial. She came armed with a mountain of evidence and prevailed in court.

Myer folded his operation shortly after the new dog law took effect requiring he provide his dogs with more kennel space, proper ventilation and outdoor exercise. 

Today Donmoyer was named director of what is now known as the Office of Dog Law Enforcement where she will supervise more than 60 employees including 51 wardens charged with inspecting more than 2,100 kennels, including breeding and boarding facilities, rescues and veterinarians' clinics.

Here is the story that will appear in Wednesday's editions of The Philadelphia Inquirer: