NY county creates first pet abuser registry

A Long Island, NY county where the bodies of 42 animals were found buried in a backyard has created the first government-mandated pet abuser list.

The Suffolk County list similar to Megan's Law database that tracks child sex offenders, will require those convicted of animal cruelty to register or face jail or fines, the Associated Press reports.

One lawmaker said the list - which will be public - acknowledges the link between animal abuse and domestic violence and the goal is to help stop animal abusers and prevent people who harm animals from hurting other people.

The list will be public so residents can see if there are animal abusers in their neighborhood. Abusers are known to steal their neighbors' pets.

Perhaps Suffolk County's move will catch on. There is a case tonight in Atlantic County, New Jersey where a cat who was let outside briefly returned with an arrow in its head. The Inquirer's Bob Moran has the story.

Until other municipalities adopt similar ordinances, you can find out who has done terrible things to animals in your area by looking at the website www.pet-abuse.com. It does an excellent job tracking pet abuse cases across the country.