More graphic details emerge about Vick's dog fighting activities

New documents obtained by an Atlanta television station reveal more graphic details about NFL quarterback Michael Vick's barbaric dog fighting activities.

Vick slammed dogs who refused to fight to the ground and beat them with a shovel, plunged dogs' heads in buckets of water while another held their hind legs to drown them and got an "adrenaline high" doing so, witnesses told federal interrogators in documentsobtained by WSBV-TV

There were also reports of dozens of dogs hanged at his Virginia property.

Vick threw his own pet dogs and pets belonging to an unidentified woman into the ring and thought it was "funny" to watch pit bulls severely injure or kill these dogs, witnesses said.

The testimony portrays Vicks as a ruthless killer. In one case, one of Vick's associates said he wanted to give away a non-performing dog, but Vick said the dog "had to go" and he was killed.

Vick also employed a North Carolina veterinarian to treat the injured dogs, sometimes with drugs and other times stapling wounds, the station reported.

Officials with the Philadelphia Eagles had no comment.

There is a slideshow and samples of the secret documents on WSBV-TV's Web site.