Details emerge on conditions at Biden dog breeder's kennel

Dogs kept in outside pens with ice accumulation, broken fencing and shredded aluminum capping.  Holes in pens large enough for a dog to escape. One large dog's only shelter was an airline travel crate in which he could not stand erect.

These were some of the conditions dog wardens found recently at Wolf Den Kennel, the Chester County facility where Vice President Joe Biden purchased a German Shepherd puppy in December.

Since mid-December, kennel operator Linda Brown has racked up five citations for numerous kennel violations and a slew of warnings for other problems including an "immediate grooming" order for a St. Bernard to "prevent the dog from harboring infectious and contagious disease."

Brown was initially warned about the problems in a Jan. 5 inspection, but when investigators returned to the kennel in Spring City in Jan. 22 they found conditions had not improved and they also found incomplete sales and health records.

That's when dog wardens issued her three new citations for violations to the state dog law, one each for records, drainage and maintenance. Brown also received two citations in December - the same week that Biden purchased the six-week-old puppy.

Brown, who also operates as JoLindy's German Shepherds, had 85 dogs on the property on Jan. 22 and reported 188 dogs sold in the past 12 months. She holds the largest state commercial kennel license that allows her to keep or sell an unlimited number of dogs. 

The trial date for the five citations is set for March 3 in district court in Chester County.