Monday Morning Wag April 27

*Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. for the Animal Planet special "Puppy Mills: Exposed." The show - a special edition of Philadelphia Animal Cops - examines the horrendous conditions investigators found inside a Chester County kennel last July. That's when the Pennsylvania SPCA raided the facility and seized close to 100 dogs - many of them sick and injured. Limestone Kennel owner John Blank pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and his kennel license was revoked. It was Chester County's Main Line Animal Rescue that alerted the PSPCA to problems at the kennel.

*State House Rep. James Casorio sponsor of  Act 119, the new commercial dog breeding law, writes a blistering letter in response to a column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette complaining about the attacks on "responsible" dog breeding in the wake of President Obama and his family's decision to obtain a dog. Casorio writes:

The point is that these dogs are being bred in the first place -- for sale and for trade -- when there are already hundreds of thousands of dogs in shelters that don't have homes and never will. You cannot advocate for shelter adoption -- as Ms. Fuoco has -- while still defending unnecessary and irresponsible breeding.

Linda Wilson Fuoco wrote in an April 18 piece that breeders were being unfairly targeted because Obama family chose a dog from a breeder rather than a shelter.

*You may know her name from the national anti-dog chaining campaign, but now Tamira Thayne is offering advice for dog foster parents. In her new book, Scream Like Banshee: 29 Days of Tips and Tales to Keep your Sanity as a Doggie Foster Parent gives tips for proper training and containment of foster dogs and also helpful hints about how foster moms and dads can maintain their own mental health. Thayne is the founder of the advocacy group Dogs Deserve Better.  The book costs $14.98 and is available from

* The Pennsylvania SPCA is now offering emergency services for pets. You can bring your animal to the PSPCA’s Rutherford Memorial Animal Hospital at 350 E. Erie Avenue, Philadelphia, seven days a week from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. The PSPCA emergency fee is $40 plus $30 for the medical exam. Fees for surgeries, tests, medicine and other procedures are additional and vary.