Miracle kitty plucked from Sandy's rubble

"Patches," the miracle cat, is staying in a temporary animal shelter, while SPCA officials look for his owner. He had apparently survived the demolition of his house in Seaside.

A crew clearing a pile of rubble from a parking lot in the thick of Sandy's destruction on the Jersey Shore, found a living survivor buried inside.

The New Jersey SPCA, which has been working to rescue animals stranded by the storm, said on Monday their staff was flagged down by a construction worker who urged them to head over to a parking lot in Seaside Park where crews were piling the remains of demolished houses.

A dump truck was starting to empty his load when suddenly something jumped out. Henry Bragg, who was operating a front end loader and saw it, yelled at the driver to stop. His load surely would have buried this living thing.

Out popped a black and white cat.

Bragg thinks the cat stayed in the ruins of his home and was transported to the dump site.

Stunned that the cat had survived both the storm and the apparent demolition of his house, grabbed him up in his arms and gave him a name: Patches.

Patches was given a nice meal and taken to a temporary animal shelter located at Toms River North High School. No word yet on whether Patches' owner has surfaced.

Kudos to NJSPCA Sgt. Todd Fraler and Humane Society of the United States employees Adam Parascandola and Ashley Mauceri.