Va. community association mayor's race goes to the dog

For anyone who has been so disgusted with their elected leadership that they threw up their hands and said, "My dog could run this town better," here's a story for you about a town that did just that.

The Hillbrook-Tall Oaks Community Association in Annandale, Va., (population: 250 humans, 90 dogs) just outside Washington D.C., elected a Wheaton terrier as their mayor.

Apparently Miss Beatha Lee snuck on the ballot with a write-up by her owner who described her as "interested in neighborhood activities and the outdoors," noted she was a relatively new resident of the community who had experience "overseeing an estate of 26 acres in Maine."

Apparently the citizenry liked that bio so much they elected Miss Beatha to the post. But not all were smitten when they heard the news.

Dave Frederickson, who read the dog’s name and qualifications to the crowd at the annual meeting, told the Washington Post, “Many people, like myself, were amused. But some were extremely upset. I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone explaining things.”

Some local leaders said maybe next time the townsfolk would pay more attention to local elections.

Meanwhile, we wonder if there will be a barklash against barking ordinances and leash laws, Now who's ready for a new dog park?

(Hat tip to Ohmidog.)