Meet Harrisburg's newest feathered resident, first falcon egg hatches

A little white and fluffy bundle of joy has arrived at a nursery high above the streets of Harrisburg.

The baby peregrine falcon, or eyas, hatched sometime Wednesday evening. The egg was the first to hatch of four laid by a new female who took over the nest in the state Department of Environmental Protection building earlier this year.

Now the fun begins as falcon watchers await the arrival of three more and the feeding regimen begins. Watch on the PA falconcam as papa falcon swoops into the nesting box with meals and feed the baby. On the menu? Usually pigeons, starlings and other birds.

Peregrine falcons were almost wiped out by the pesticide DDT in the 1970s. Native Pennsylvanian and scientist Rachel Carson sounded the alarm about the dangers of DDT and her work led to the eventual ban on DDT and the recovery of the falcons. Thought they are breeding successfully in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and elswehere, the falcons remain on the endangered species list. 

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