Lola's home!

The happy reunion with Lola

Hardly a day goes by without a plea crossing our transom about a missing dog or the search for the culprit in an animal torture case. Sadly, many times these calls for help are futile.

Philly Dawg was reading just such a plea from the Humane Society of the United States today which was offering a reward for the beating and killing of a five-year old pit bull in Harrisburg, when up popped the news that Lola, the missing English Bulldog from New Jersey was home. 

A New Year's miracle if ever there was one.

Cindy Rogers and her family, thought Lola had been dognapped near her Sicklerville, New Jersey home on Christmas Eve by someone driving a BMW.

HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue folks tell Philly Dawg a man called them to report he had picked up the dog on the street thinking it was a stray and could get hit, but realized it belonged to someone when his family saw a TV news story about the missing dog, That's when he contacted the rescue. 

Said Kara Gordon, adoption coordinator for HeavenSent: "It's a great day, a real happy ending." The Rogers' teenage son, Gregory, who has Down Syndrome was expected to see his late Christmas gift yesterday evening.