Cats face hotel hypocrites, Loews not so pet-friendly afterall

Loew's Hotel chain makes no secret of its "pet friendly" policies. Loews Philadelphia hotel offers "Woofie Weekends" for its guest featuring special meals for pet companions. It hosts the annual Pennsylvania SPCA fundraising gala and embraces canine guests.

The policy apparently does not extend to feral felines at its Orlando hotels.

We learned from Alley Cat Allies that three Disneyworld-area Loews hotels, Loews Royal Pacific, Loews Portofino, and Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando Resorts launched a war on managed feral cats colonies outside the properties.

Apparently the cat battle has been raging for months, according to USA Today.

Eyewitnesses reported cruel treatment by a trapping company hired to remove a longtime colony of feral cats living at the properties, launched a Facebook page "Save Loews Cats" and called on Loews to stop the trapping immediately.

“We have heard horrible reports of cats held outside in traps for up to nine hours, baking in the hot sun and in temperatures of 90 degrees with no food or water. Eyewitnesses have posted photos of cats who have been injured from the frantic struggle to free themselves – at least two with a bloody nose, another with a gash on her head,” said Becky Robinson, president and co-founder of Alley Cat Allies.

“The trappers, called Critter Control, are clearly not following humane best practices,” said Robinson. “Proper protocol dictates that the traps should be continuously monitored, covered by a sheet or towel immediately after trapping to minimize stress and chance of injury for the cat, and removed to a safe, quiet place. Worse, the cats have been suffering, denied food for more than a week. And, employees’ jobs have been threatened if they are caught feeding them.”

Robinson condemned the treatment of the cats by a so-called "pet friendly" company and said it refused to work with animals advocates to consider humane options. 

Robinson noted that the cats at the Loews Orlando resorts are feral cat colonies that have been neutered, vaccinated and cared for by employees as part of a longtime Trap-Neuter-Return program. The cats were living peaceful, healthy lives and no longer breeding. Trap-Neuter-Return is the only effective and humane approach to feral cats, because it stabilizes the population and makes the cats healthier and better neighbors.

 “We call on Loews to stop this inhumane trapping immediately,” said Robinson. “There is still time for them to the right thing by these cats and allow them to live at the place they’ve called home for years.”