Letter reaches activist at Capitol dog house


UPDATE: She doesn't have a roof over her head (at least most of the week), but she has a mailbox in the Capitol. Tamira Thayne today received her second letter addressed to the "lady chained to the dog house" while sitting on the Capitol steps chained to a dog house. The note contained the message, "Stay strong." Thayne says the mailman told her there's now a box for her in the statehouse mailroom.

In the middle of the last century, a New York preacher was such a popular figure that letters reached him addressed only to "Father Divine, Harlem U.S.A."

Now a letter has reached an activist in Harrisburg addressed to "the lady chained to the dog house on the steps."

Tamira Ci Thayne, who is on a crusade to end dog chaining in Pennsylvania, was midway through her fourth week of protest at the state Capitol when she got the unexpected delivery.

Thayne, founder of the national anti-chaining group Dogs Deserve Better, has occupied the corner of the grand steps leading to the Capitol entrance since Aug.2 (weekdays, 8 a.m to 6 p.m.) 

Her goal? Passage of legislation that will outlaw 24/7 chaining of dogs in Pennsylvania. Thayne endured 100-plus degree days and heavy rainstorms while tethered to a wood dog house.

Thayne says she's prepared to sit until the legislature returns in mid-September. The Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee is currently considering a bill (SB 1435), co-sponsored by Sens. Rich Alloway (R., Franklin) and Andy Dinniman (S., Chester) that would make round-the-clock chaining a crime.

Thayne is dedicating each day to chained dogs in different counties (their pictures tacked to her dog house). 

And what did the letter contain?

A $20 bill and the words "Hang in there, we love you." 

Thayne said it was delivered to her by one of the Capitol mailmen.