Large animal protector bids farewell, anti-cruelty group presses on

JoAnn Mauger of the Large Animal Protection Society is retiring after 22 years. She is with Dylan, a court case horse that she is nursing back to health at her farm in Cochranville. He is up for adoption.

For 21 years the Large Animal Protection Society (LAPS) has stood up for the abused horses and  farm animals of southeastern Pennsylvania. Whether responding to calls about neglected Amish buggy horses in Lancaster County or abandoned thoroughbreds in the fox hunting territory of Chester County, LAPS has been a vigorous defender of the voiceless.

Soon the irrepressable JoAnn Mauger, a former South Philadelphia bartender and one of its founding members, saddles up (her RV) and heads West with her husband to enjoy a quiet retirement. My colleague Art Carey profiles Mauger and the ongoing efforts of "the ladies of LAPS" to fight animal abuse in today's Inquirer.