LancCo breeder wins approval for kennel aleady open on school property

Do Pennsylvania zoning boards ever run public document searches on applicants seeking approval for dog kennels?

A case in Lancaster County makes us wonder.

The Salisbury Township zoning board on Wednesday gave approval to a resident to run a dog breeding kennel on the property of an Amish school house, according to the Lancaster Intelligencer.

Only John King had already been operating a kennel there since before 2008.

How do we know this?

King has held a state kennel license since 2008. According to state inspection reports King's business - known as Sunrise kennel -  has recorded  between 37 and 47 dogs on the property. He breeds Dobermans and Rottweilers.

As is often the case with dog breeders in Pennsylvania, King received his license in 2008 after he was caught illegally operating a kennel.

King claims he was never told he needed zoning approval but the state kennel license application - since the dog law took effect in 2009 - clearly asks whether a prospective kennel owner has received local zoning approval.

Nor does King have clean record with dog law. He pleaded guilty in 2009 to a citation for a maintenance and sanitation violation for failing to clean feces and dirt from puppy and whelping pens. In 2010 King was found in violation of the new commercial kennel law for having undersized cages and no program of veterinary care.  He also had no smoke detector as required.

King had 30 dogs on the property at the time of his last state inspection in Jan. 2011 and received a clean report.