Katrina kitty returns home after five years

Scrub the cat disappeared from his Biloxi, Mississippi home almost five-and-a-half 1/2 years ago in the mayhem following Hurricane Katrina.

Today he's back home snuggling under the covers with his astonished owners.

As the Biloxi Sun-Herald reports, Scrub was turned in to the Humane Society of South Mississippi last week by a resident of Gulfport, 15 miles away. Workers at the shelter scanned him and found a micro-chip.


Jennifer Noble thought surely the shelter had the wrong cat as she listened last week to a message from the shelter left on her husband’s office answering machine. They asked if she had a gray and white cat.

“You have my cat! Oh my gosh!” Noble remembers saying. “That cat has been missing for five years!”

She said the employee replied, “‘Oh my gosh. Well, Merry Christmas!’”

Shelter officials said the case is testament to the importance microchipping one's pet.

“There is no other way that cat would have found its family," said Tara High, noting that stray intake has dropped by 34 percent as a result of more microchipping. "This is a very dramatic story with a wonderful ending.”

Scrub, who bears a few cosmetic battle scars from his life on the streets, is back to his old habit of burrowing under the covers with Noble's children.