Irene's not over yet for pets, shelters activated in NY, VT

Listen to the news and you'd think Irene had packed up for good with relief that the mid-Atlantic was spared from the worst damages.

But it's not over yet for pets or their people, especially in the unexpectedly hard-hit areas of upstate New York and southern Vermont.

Communities in the Catskill mountain area of New York and river valley towns in bucolic Vermont are underwater today. One video showed a family evacuating by foot in waist-deep water, their black Lab swimming next to them.

The sudden, record-level flooding forced emergency relief workers to hastily set up shelters for people and pets - though we hear some have limited pet space.

Follow the latest updates on rescue and relocating efforts from North Carolina north on the Humane Society of the United States' disaster relief site. HSUS staff and volunteers are helping pets left behind in the storm and those found wandering, including a horse found ambling about on street in North Carolina.

If you are on twitter follow #irenepets to see minute-to-minute updates, reports of lost and found animals and requests for assistance coming out of Vermont and New York - as well as New York City. Supplies, like crates, bowls and blankets seem to be in need in New York City.

Also if you've found a pet or lost one, make sure to check a national website with information on lost and found pets.

Kudos to the Wicomico County emergency services personnel in Salisbury, MD. News reports indicate that the shelter there took in 440 people and 64 pets, including cats, dogs, hamsters and turtles to ride out the storm.