Hot off the presses: PA's first animal law handbook

A Philadelphia publisher has rolled out what is believed to be the first state-specific animal law handbook in the nation.

The Pennsylvania Animal Law Handbook is an exhaustive (775 pages) compilation of federal and state statutes, regulations and case law, with commentary by authors Arthur S. Zanan and Merry B. Guber, both Philadelphia-area attorneys.

While the book was designed to aid lawyers handling animal law cases, it could also serve as a valuable reference guide for kennel owners, veterinarians, shelter operators and anyone with an interest in animal issues. Among the topics covered: veterinary malpractice, consumer law, liability, local zoning laws, animal cruelty, estate planning and pet custody. 

Zanan says the goal of the book, two years in the making, was to pull together the disparate state laws dealing with animals. "They are scattered all over the place, in the crime code, in the Pennsylvania code, in consumer law," he said. "We thought it would be great to put them all in one place."

Publication was delayed to include the passage of sweeping amendments to the dog law - which make up the heart of the book - and the formation of the Canine Health Board last October.

The book costs $99.00 plus tax and shipping. Order by calling 215-922-5760 or 800-247-3526. Or by visiting the website of publisher George T. Bisel and Co.