Hope for cats in condemned building, bait puppy rescued

Pet-owning residents of the fire-gutted Windermere apartment building breathed a sigh of relief today when the building's planned demolition was postponed. After being denied entrance by the building's owner's last week, Pennsylvania SPCA staff members were allowed in the building over the weekend to search for cats left behind when the fire broke out there last month. No word on whether any cats were found or how many might still be roaming the building. More from the Inquirer here.

Photo/Animal Alliance

Meanwhile, over in New Jersey, a new life awaits a lucky pit bull puppy found in West Philadelphia. The puppy, named Kelly, is recovering in a foster home in Somerset County after extensive surgery to repair severe wounds she likely suffered in a dog fighting ring.

The friendly six-month-old female was found by animal control workers staggering along Merion Ave. close to death. Open wounds on her head and jaw are evidence she was used a bait dog, experts say. She is being cared for by the Animal Alliance in NJ - which is seeking donations to pay for her extensive care - and will soon be placed up for adoption. More from the Daily News here.