Herding cats on the Algonquin runway

We love this story because we love cats and we love the Algonquin Hotel. For those not familiar with the famed New York City hotel, the Algonquin was once home to a legendary  literary roundtable that counted among its regulars Dorothy Parker and Harpo Marx.

And, since the 1930s, it has been home to an adored lobby cat. Many generations of Algonquin cats have occupied prominent spots in the hotel's Victorian lobby. The most recent cat, Matilda III, was feted on Wednesday with a coming out party and fashion show.

The New York Times reports the none-too-cooperative felinistas were cat fighting on the runway in their Elvis costumes and Lady Gaga get ups. Matilda III was busy tweeting (@algonqueen) filing a status update on her Facebook page.

(Photo/Christian Hanson/New York Times