Thursday wag 6/30

Goverment officials are closing the money gap as time runs out for the animals of Delaware County.

My colleague Mari Schaefer has the latest:

Delaware County has offered to pay the SPCA $125 for each animal it takes in for local municipalities in hopes the nonprofit will agreed to a six-month extension to animal control contracts.

The money, together with fees currently paid by the municipalities, would reimburse the SPCA for the full $241 cost of caring for a stray, according to Jack Whelan, Delaware Council chairman.

Last year, the Media shelter told official that that as of Friday it would no longer handle municipal animal-control. The shelter planned to change it's mission and was going to become a "no-kill" organization by 2012.

County officials met with administrators of the Media shelter Thursday night in an effort to reach a compromise.

The county is moving ahead with plans to erect a new shelter in Darby Township they expect will open in December.

Also in Delaware County today, humane officers rescued 51 cats from a hoarding situation in Lansdowne. They were flea-infested but otherwise healthy and well-adjusted according to the SPCA. My busy colleague Mari Schaefer reports.

Public Service Announcement: Consider opening your home to a homeless cat!

Equines take center stage in Washington this month where two bills have been introduced to end the slaughter of U.S. Horses - the American Horse Slaughter Protection Act - which would ensure slaughter houses never reopen by zeroing out funding for USDA inspectors - and this week, Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D. N.J.) co-sponsored S. 1281, the Horse Transportation Safety Act of 2011, to ban double-decker trailers for interstate transport of horses. These are the trailers built to carry cattle and pigs.

(Pennsylvania is among the states that already bans horse transport in double deck trailers, but "killer buyers" can buy horses at the infamous New Holland auction in Lancaster County, for instance, and ship them across state lines in single-deck trailers, then pack them into double-deck trailers for the long haul to Mexican slaughter plants.)

In reptile news, Thomas the turtle spent the last 18 months at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education recovering from a near-fatal encounter with a car. Today he was sprung by his savior, famed WMMR DJ Pierre Robert. My colleague Kristin Holmes has the fabulous turtle tale here.